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Julia Rosien, Communications Director for Natura World Inc, uses social media to dial into communities on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube (just to name a few). Julia has been named one of the most influential women in social media in a variety of blogs and news sites. Since Julia has joined Natura, the wins in social media have been staggering.

A former editor/writer for a variety of national magazines, Julia offers her communities an eclectic mix of personality and community engagement that naturally generates brand awareness. Julia believes communities need nurturing, not managing and that information needs to flow freely for social media to be truly effective.


Julia’s Rules of Engagement

When fax machines first came out, they were useless, expensive, unreliable and you could only connect with others who owned a fax machine. But they changed the rules of engagement.

Social media is no different. It’s changed how we do business and how customers find us.

“Authenticity is your currency here – people want to connect with people, not brands trying to broadcast messages. And that’s exactly what I love about social networking.”

If you’re looking for someone who calls herself a social media expert, elaborate reports that lead nowhere and corporate mumbo jumbo, you won’t find it here. If you want honesty, creative and energetic social media know-how and agility that will make your yoga instructor blush, catch me online.

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